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MHAPA Board of Directors

MHAPA Board of Directors

The MHAPA Board of Directors manages the general business affairs of MHAPA, including but not limited to overseeing staff, maintaining the organization’s fiscal health, and developing and implementing MHAPA’s strategic plan.

Each member of the Board should believe in and support MHAPA’s values and show dedicated professional and/or personal commitment to working for a just, humane, and healthy society that accords all people respect, dignity, choice, and the opportunity to achieve their full potential free from stigma and prejudice. Board members agree to serve a term of three years.

Join the Board

MHAPA aims to maintain a board that is as diverse as the people it serves and that represents voices and perspectives from inside and outside of the mental health, social service, and disability communities. We encourage people committed to MHAPA’s core values and mission to apply to serve on the Board.

We are not accepting Nominations for the Board at this time. Subscribe for notifications about the Nominations period.

Meetings and Time Commitment:

  • MHAPA Board of Directors is a working board that conducts three regularly scheduled meetings per year, including one in-person meeting as part of the annual meeting.
  • Board members can participate in meetings via conference call.
  • Board meetings typically last one to two hours.
  • Committees of the board will meet by conference call as necessary to accomplish goals and responsibilities.

Expectations of Board Members:

  • Attend and participate regularly in meetings.
  • Willing to participate on a standing committee and serve on ad-hoc committees as needed
  • Help communicate and promote the MHAPA mission and programs
  • Become familiar with the MHAPA budget, finances and financial needs.

MHAPA Board of Directors


Alex J. Hazzouri
Advocacy Alliance
Board Term: 2022-2025

President Elect

Laurie Barnett Levine                      
MHA of Southwestern PA;
Board Term: 2022-2025


James Martin
Friendship House
Board Term: 2022-2025


Darlene Klamerus
Board Term: 2022-2025

Executive Committee – At-Large Member

Kim McDevitt
MHA Lancaster
Board Term: 2022-2025

Rebecca Hover
UPMC Western Behavioral Health at Safe
Board Term: 2022- 2025

Jane Johnson
Community Health Net
814-454-4530 (Ext. 286)
Board Term 2022-2025

Joanne Koehler
MHA Beaver County
Board Term: 2022-2024

Marie Onukiavage
NAMI Northeast Region
Board Term: 2022-2025

Bethany Peake
MHA Franklin/Fulton Counties
Board Term: 2022-2025

Laura Saccente                                 
Center for Schools and Communities
Board Term: 2022-2025

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