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Todd Stephens

Todd Stephens lives at the Fairweather Lodge in Newport and works for the Lodge business, Perry Apex Services Unlimited. He keeps busy with volunteer work for the Bread of Life Outreach and church activities. He loves to cook and bake. Todd also is a magician, enjoying the art of illusion and performing his magic tricks for others.

Todd spent many years feeling alone in his mental health struggles. After numerous suicide attempts and hospitalizations, he finally came to realize that his life had purpose, and that he had reason to live. Through the unconditional love of his family, he has learned that he can reach out and make connections with others when he is in need of support. His family, friends and the Lodge staff and peers are there when he needs them, helping him to get through tough times.

Todd is the evidence of how feeling connected can ground.


I'm the Evidence/Mental Health Campaign (ITE/MH) celebrates people who are the living Evidence of mental health recovery and the individuals and communities that support them.

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