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Kelly Davis

Kelly Davis never gives up, on herself or others. Her strong persistence is evidenced in her achievements of graduating with honors from Montgomery County Community College, continuing her education at Chestnut Hill College, and fulfilling the role of full-time mother and caregiver to her elderly mother.

Kelly experienced many years of active addiction and mental illness and numerous failed attempts to achieve recovery. She lived in darkness and fear and felt she was not dying quickly enough. Yet she held onto shreds of strength, perseverance and faith that sustained her. Without a doubt, her ability to overcome was born out of the hope and faith others held for her, and their belief that she could have a life beyond the pain and struggles she lived with. They were the strings of possibility that eventually allowed her to surrender her sense that she didn’t need the help of others in her recovery, and to begin the process of change, growth and responsibility.

Kelly now has a passion for life, for learning, and for being a vision of hope to others.

Kelly is the evidence of how belief inspires and how one steps begins the journey towards endless possibilities.


I'm the Evidence/Mental Health Campaign (ITE/MH) celebrates people who are the living Evidence of mental health recovery and the individuals and communities that support them.

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