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Brendan Bayer

Brendan Bayer works for the Department of Transportation and serves on the board of directors of New Visions, Inc. and The Coalition of Community Living. Beyond his busy work and volunteer schedule, his priority is being a dad to his 16-year-old son, who he supports in school activities and finds joy in spending time with.

Brendan was caught in repeated downward cycles of hospitalization due to his mental illness until he learned about the Fairweather Lodge program and met Bill McHenry, the Coordinator of the New Visions Fairweather Lodge in Newport. Through the support of Bill and the community of peers at the Lodge, Brendan has been able to move forward with his recovery without the life disruption of revolving door hospitalizations.

Brendan finds great fortune in having a strong support system beyond those who he lives with at the Lodge. His son keeps him motivated to stay well and his friend Tracy Acker offers her gift of friendship and listening.

Brendan is the evidence for how hope transforms and how one step begins a journey towards endless possibilities.


I'm the Evidence/Mental Health Campaign (ITE/MH) celebrates people who are the living Evidence of mental health recovery and the individuals and communities that support them.

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